štvrtok 27. júna 2013

How to mount folder from host to guest and use it in Apache2

I have Host Pc with Fedora and virtual pc with Debian. In my other post, i showed how to set nettwork to see apache2 from host pc. http://nathrondevblog.blogspot.sk/2013/06/linux-ping-virtual-guest-from-host.html

Now I need to set apache on guest pc read files from my host pc.

1. open setting of your virtual pc and find Shared Folders.
2. click add and set:

Folder paht: path of your html files on host pc (for me /var/www/html)
Folder name: name for mounting in guest pc. (for me html)
and check permanent!

Start your virtual pc, log in and go as root.

note: be sure to backup default file before edit if you are not pro

1. open /etc/fstab
2. add line

html /var/www/html/  vboxsf  rw,uid=33,gid=33,umask=0222 0 0

where html is Folder name
and /var/www/html/ is path in your guest pc where files are mounted!

note: be sure to backup default file before edit if you are not pro

now you can change document root if its needed in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default

restart apache2 by

service apache2 restart

try virtual pc ip address in browser and see magic :)

piatok 21. júna 2013

Linux ping virtual guest from host

I just need communication between host and virual pc, both on linux

HOST PC:Fedora 17 with Oracle Virtual Box

GUEST: Debian 6 with (apache 2, php 5.3)

Open VirtualBox Manager, select your guest, open settings -> Network and change:

1. Attached to from NAT to Bridge Adapter
2. select right name of host adapter (for me wlan0) whitch is connected to internet 

start virtual pc and try ping from host or from virtual ping host.

and for me virtual pc apache test


If you need add Guest Additions to your Virtual debian, use this manual: