utorok 26. októbra 2010

Android - sleep, wait

import android.os.Handler;      

Handler handler = new Handler();
        handler.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                //some function
       }, 1000);

utorok 19. októbra 2010

Android - log to eclipse console

If you want log some items, user Log.w

Log.w("xxx", "foo");

xxx is tag and foo is value

to view Log console, you must open DDMS -> logcat -> W

streda 13. októbra 2010

FengOffice (OpenGoo) - how to disable logged in a logged out info on dash board

in version 1.7.2 - application/views/dashboard/widget_activity.php.php on line 136
foreach ($gr['activities'] as $act_data) {


if (strpos($act_data['act_data'], 'logged') === false){

and change first

<?php } // foreach?> to <?php }} // foreach?>

tadaaaa ;)

piatok 1. októbra 2010

Length for URL (POST and GET)

In GET is recomment 2 048 chars - including website url
In POST is not limits for pairs name=value because they are in the headers, but base url of web must by in 2048 chars